Attention Visionary Entrepreneurs

If You Died Today…

Would you feel content, knowing your unique legacy was fully realized?
Did you unleash your creative genius to its fullest extent?
Or did your most profound work remain a silent whisper within you?

If these questions cause you concern, you might like to invest four minutes of your time in a video that could
pivot your life's trajectory forever…

Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Offer of Google X (Google's 'moonshot factory' of innovation) on The Diary Of A CEO Podcast

Hi, I'm Chris Hay.

After celebrating the successful exit from my first business at
the age of 31, I found myself on a beach in Bali, cocktail at hand, gazing at a spectacular sunset.

I anticipated a rush of euphoria, the kind I dreamt of in my 20s,  yet I was met with something starkly different…

A sense of being adrift…

A lack of purpose…


A deep-seated melancholy…

This moment crystalized a stark awakening: wealth alone doesn’t equate to joy.

Thus began the most critical query of my 30s, one that led me through over a decade of introspection and soul-searching, aiming to unearth the essence of true fulfillment.

The revelations of my journey, eloquently echoed by Mo in our podcast dialogue, culminate in one pivotal concept…



" It is about how aligned you lived.

Because I will tell you openly every day of my life since I changed to what
I'm trying to do today has felt longer than the fifty-five years before it.

It’s felt rich. It’s felt fully lived, it’s felt right.”

- Mo Gawdat

Defining Alignment

What does this sense of alignment truly entail? Let’s delve deeper.

Mo’s narrative isn’t about reversing the past, but embracing the profound impact of his son’s loss on his life’s path.

Imagine having a sense of purpose so profound that you’d choose not to alter even the most painful chapters if it meant preserving the impact and intention of your journey.

This is why Mo’s narrative is central to our message. It stands as a powerful testament to a universal truth accessible to all:

Alignment in this context means transforming the scars of your past not only into your own personal triumph, but also unlocking your most profound and personal potential to influence and impact the world—a metamorphosis of pain into purpose ustilizing your unique capabilities and creating your greatest world changing work in the process.

"Human potential, at its best, is to transmute a
personal tragedy into a triumph."

- Viktor Frankl

The Pathway

Through my own experience and observing others who’ve attained both success and profound contentment, I’ve identified a 5 fold path of transmuting tragedy into triumpth and reinventing your identity, income, and impact in the process….

Uncover Your
'Aligned Impact Mission'

And watch your life transform.

Why Now?

The clock is relentless, each tick a poignant reminder of life’s finiteness. This isn’t about incremental change; it’s about seizing the finite moments you have to manifest your most profound work.

Your legacy, the indelible mark you aspire to leave on the world, is not a distant dream but a pressing reality. The urgency to bring forth your vision, to align your past tribulations with your inherent strengths, is now. With each passing day, the opportunity to create, to impact, and to transform dwindles. The journey to turn your deepest wounds into your most potent source of strength and purpose is not a path for the future—it is a calling for the present.

Why work with me?

Embarking on this transformative journey alone is a daunting task. My decade-long quest for alignment, post the sale of my company, has not only been a journey of self-discovery but has also revealed a universal truth: our deepest sense of fulfillment lies in aligning our past pains with a purpose that serves the world.

Having traversed this path, I bring more than empathy—I offer a partnership grounded in lived experience and proven strategies. This journey is deeply personal, and as your thought partner, my role is to distill clarity from the chaos, to help you weave your unique narrative into a mission that resonates deeply with your core. In navigating my own complexities and aligning them with a purpose-driven mission, I’ve discovered my profound calling: to guide others like you to find your alignment. Let’s embark on this journey together.

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